Sue Cook – owner

As an occupational therapist I assess function with the goal to provide treatment and maximize function in the home, community and work site. I also work with realtors to assess homes for accessibility. Treatment is provided for both physical and cognitive injuries. Baselines and follow up assessments are completed for concussion management and intervention for all ages.

Stephen Glenney

Steve has clinical experiences range from community to facility based work, including mental health and rehabilitation facilities. He has worked for Abilities for over fifteen years in the capacity of a community based occupational therapist.

Rebecca Morin

Rebecca is a recognized evaluator for Catastrophic Determination (Functional Observer) with the Canadian Society of Medical Evaluators and is a provincial authorizer with the Assistive Devices Program for mobility and positioning aids.

Rebecca Persaud

Rebecca has been working extensively with clients with acquired brain injury, spinal cord injury, complex orthopaedic injuries and mental health issues. She works to locate and utilize community supports that are available to complement the work of the team to benefit her clients.