Expert therapists in multiple fields who will ensure you receive exceptional care.

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Our Approach

Our Approach

At Abilities our clients are the focus of care. Each plan of treatment is tailored to your needs, ensuring you get the treatment that is most effective for you.

Virtual & In Person Care

Virtual & In Person Care

Abilities can provide both in-person and telemedicine sessions based on the needs of our clients. Safety is always at the forefront of service delivery and during the current pandemic we follow all professional and government regulations and guidelines, maintaining a safe environment.

Areas Served

Areas Served

Abilities has therapists providing services throughout most of Ontario ranging from Windsor in the south to Sault St.Marie in the north. Contact our office to see which services are available in your area and which language is preferred.

We give you the ability to enjoy your life again

At Abilities, we understand your desire to return to a more satisfying and healthy life. Whether your current challenge is cognitive, physical, emotional, or psychological, these difficulties can reduce our independence, limit our activities, and interfere with your enjoyment of life. The goal of all our programs is to regain ability and maintain it.

Rehabilitation Company Of The Year

We are proud to announce that we have been chosen Rehabilitation Company of the Year by the Ontario Brain Injury Association and PIA Law. It is an honour to be recognized for the exceptional work we do and the care we give to brain injury survivors.

Award of Excellent Rehabilitation company of the year


Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals have the training, knowledge, and expertise to provide exceptional health care services.

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& Treatments

We help our clients recover from all types of injuries and illnesses. Whether it be Cognitive, Emotional, Functional, or Physical, the Abilities team will develop a customized recovery program that is geared towards meeting each client’s need and recovery goals.

Specialized Motor
Vehicle Accident

Abilities provides treatment to those injured in motor vehicle accidents, and can provide specific assessments for the medical and legal issues that may arise including Catastrophic Injury assessments, Life Care planning, and determination of personal or attendant care needs.


Dizziness can be caused from a number of issues such as vestibular migraines and vertigo. It can lead to balance issues and increases the risk of falling. We have an associate who specializes in vestibular issues and can help you feel sturdy on your feet again, sometimes in one to two sessions.

Health Recovery and Maintenance Programs

We’re here to help you live an active lifestyle, no matter your age. From surgical recovery to aging at home programs, here’s how we can support you.

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Our Therapists

The clinical team at Abilities Rehabilitation have the expertise, knowledge, and dedication and provide exceptional healthcare to our patients.

Latest News from Abilities

Cognitive Communication Checklist

Cognitive Communication Checklist

Did you know, regardless of the severity, acquired brain injuries (ABI) can result in complex cognitive, communicative, physical, and emotional impairments that require interdisciplinary assessment?