Lori St Louis – Director of Social Work

SpecialityDirector of Social Work


Lori St Louis – Director of Social Work

Lori St Louis, MSW has worked over 15 years counselling and providing intensive case management support to individuals who have experienced trauma and loss.  Lori works within a strength and goal-based approach drawing upon Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Resiliency Based Therapy techniques. Lori’s trauma informed practice supports clients who have sustained complex physical injuries, acquired brain injuries, pain disorders, substance use disorders, depression and anxiety.  Lori works in an evidence-based practice to support a bio-psycho-social model of recovery resulting in increased activation in the home, and community.

Lori has extensive experience working with multi-disciplinary medical and rehabilitation teams within the public and private sectors. Lori is able to support clients in their home (if required) and maintains office space in Midland and Wasaga areas. Lori is registered as a Blue Cross and HCAI registered provider though Abilities Rehabilitation.