Home and Safety Assessment

Our home and safety assessments are designed to determine the level of a client’s performance in the daily activities associated with self-care, productivity, and leisure.  The safeness of a client’s home is assessed based on the client’s physical, psychological and emotional status and their ability to complete meaningful activities.  A home safety assessment is designed to help reduce the risk of falls, as well as improve a client’s independence and ability to participate in activities that are important to them. After the home safety assessment, an Occupational Therapist will use the assessment findings and work with the client and family to develop strategies to meet the client’s personal goals.

Some examples of personal goals after a home safety evaluation include:

  • Simple meal preparation
  • Stay safely at home with or without help
  • Complete personal care activities independently or with help

If appropriate, recommendations are made to assist in improving these areas, including services or equipment that may be beneficial for the individual’s progress and safety.

With these assessments, clients can expect a recording of their history along with a physical examination, a maximum voluntary effort testing, physical tolerance testing and task analysis.