Occupational Therapies

Our home and safety assessments are designed to determine the level of a client’s performance in the daily activities associated with self-care, productivity, and leisure.

The attendant care needs assessment is a detailed evaluation of the client’s personal care needs.

By outlining goals and working with the client, our occupational therapists can assist in managing long-term disability.

Our Occupational Therapists prepare Future Cost of Care reports that provide a balance of treatment and expert work that ensures our reports are practical, up-to-date, and reliable.

The occupational therapist makes recommendations for assistive devices and aides to assist the client in resuming their pre-accident activities in a safe manner.

Abilities Occupational Therapist consultants can assess your needs, assist with ordering the products, and instruct you on the best use of your equipment.

Our occupational therapists evaluate a client’s home environment to identify barriers to performance.

Assessment of clients within the home with the goal of returning them to full function. This may include the modification of a task or their environment.