Therapeutic Recreation

Therapeutic Recreation uses education and recreation participation to enable an individual with physical, cognitive, emotional or social limitations to acquire skills that will allow them to enjoy their recreational activities and function independently with the minimum amount of assistance and participate as fully as possible in society. Trained professionals provide therapeutic recreation intervention in clinical and/or community settings.

The core focus of therapeutic recreation is to enable all clients to acquire and/or maintain the skills, knowledge, and behaviours that will allow them to enjoy their leisure optimally, function independently with the least amount of assistance, and to participate as fully as possible in society.  

Through choice, personal strengths, interests and meaningful activity, a Recreation Therapist will assist clients in achieving personal and treatment goals, improved quality of life, improved physical and cognitive abilities as well as increase emotional wellbeing and independent function.   The experience of using an activity as a means towards health and wellness becomes intrinsically rewarding, making the journey and the end goal integrated parts of the process. The treatment is person centred, focusing on an individual’s strengths, needs, family, environment, social needs and disability/illness.

Goals include:

  •    Enhancing wellbeing
  •    Fostering community involvement
  •    Improving coping skills
  •    Improving physical and cognitive abilities
  •    Increasing confidence and self-esteem
  •    Strengthening interpersonal skills
Healthy senior woman in swimming pool