Stroke Rehabilitation

Our team of health professionals will work with you to regain skills you lost as the result of a stroke.

We can help you:

  • Maximize independence.
  • Understand and live with the changes to your brain and body caused by the stroke
  • Adjust to living within your home, family, and community.

To stay in good health, you may need to take medicines and make some lifestyle changes. We work with your rehab team to decide what type of exercise, diet, or other lifestyle choices are best for you.

Your greatest chance of regaining your abilities is during the first few months after a stroke. So it is important to start rehab soon after a stroke. Our therapist has highly developed skills in the therapeutic intervention needed to promote recovery.  

Abilities is a certified provider of the MyndMove Therapy to provide non-invasive functional electrical stimulation (FES)  where electrodes are placed on the skin over the muscles to be stimulated. Individuals are instructed by a trained MyndMove therapist to actively attempt to engage their muscles in the desired movement, sending a signal from the brain to the muscle.

During this attempt, the therapist uses the MyndMove device to deliver tiny bursts of electricity to the muscles. The stimulation causes muscles to contract and the movement sends a signal from the muscle to the brain.

Based on the concept of neuroplasticity, this coordinated effort trains a new neural pathway that enables improvement and recovery of voluntary movement.


Senior woman smiling and holding hands with caretaker