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Fall Risk Assessment

A fall can be a serious event. At its most severe it can be life-threatening. Regardless of its severity, a fall is definitely life-altering. That’s what makes a fall risk assessment so vital.

A fall risk assessment is an evaluation of both your physical health and the safety of your home.

Physical Fall Risk Assessment

A physiotherapist from our team meets with you. They ask questions about your overall health, including previous falls and problems with balance, standing, and walking. They also test your strength, balance, and gait through a series of exercises.

After the physical assessment, the physiotherapist recommends an exercise program and strategies to prevent falls and reduce the chance of injury.

Home Risk Assessment

Your home environment also plays a major role in the risk of a fall. That is why we assess your home, inside and out.

An occupational therapist reviews the interior and exterior of your home, paying special attention to tripping hazards, elevations, lighting, and transfer spots. A report is provided with any recommendation for necessary home modifications.

These two assessments will set you up for successful aging in your home by helping to reduce the possibilities of a fall.

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