What Is It?

Dizziness can occur for many reasons and when it does, it can be debilitating. Dizziness is often caused by issues related to the inner ear.

Target Audience

Any individual who has suffered from dizziness will benefit from this presentation.

Why It's Important

Dizziness impacts all areas of life. Dizziness affects your ability to complete your daily activities including the ability to work or drive. Having an assessment by a vestibular therapist will ensure that you are receiving effective treatment to resolve the dizziness. In some cases, dizziness can resolve in one visit while in more complex situations, a course of treatment is required.

What You'll Learn

The focus will be on dizziness caused by issues related to the inner ear. This will include an understanding of role of the vestibular system in normal functioning which includes vision and balance. Treatment strategies to address the cause of the dizziness will also be discussed.

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