New Technology for Paralyzed Patients

Abilities Rehabilitation & Counselling Services offers new medical technology therapy for paralyzed patients

Abilities Rehabilitation Services- MyndMove TherapyMIDLAND, ON, FEBRUARY 2, 2016 – Abilities Rehabilitation & Counselling Services announces a new option in neurorehabilitation with MyndMove™ a revolutionary, new therapy for the treatment of arm and hand paralysis caused by stroke or spinal cord injury. MyndMove™ technology is the culmination of over a decade of laboratory and clinical research and received Health Canada approval in 2014.

MyndMove™ therapy is an advanced non-invasive functional electrical stimulation (FES) technology that uses electrical stimulation to create new neural pathways for the recovery of voluntary function following injury to the brain or spinal cord. It is a dynamic therapy aimed at regaining and re-training functional movement patterns in severely paralyzed patients.

“This will become the standard in rehabilitation for stroke and spinal cord patients,” said Abilities Founder Susan Cook. “We are excited to be the first clinic to offer this advanced treatment technology North of Toronto.”

According to MyndMove™, the method is based on three elements to improve hand and arm function. The therapist guides the movements based on an evaluation of the patient’s function and sets the timing, electrodes, and stimulation settings, the patient attempts the desired movement, and the therapist controls the device that stimulates the nerve pathways for the muscles involved. The result creates a new pathway for the desired movement and, over time, it becomes controllable by the patient.

Cook recommends a minimum of twenty treatment sessions and notes that 40 sessions demonstrate notable improvements.

“The research studies show that MyndMove™ therapy is effective and successful with a significant and lasting recovery of voluntary movement,” says Cook. “It offers clients the ability to regain a sense of dignity and independence through increased function.”

A certified occupational or physical therapist provides the therapy to patients. Abilities Occupational Therapist Ann McFarlane became certified in MyndMove™ therapy in 2015 through MyndTec, the Ontario-based medical technology company that developed the new treatment.

Abilities Rehabilitation Services-MyndMove TherapyThe therapy treats all types of stroke and spinal cord (C3 to C7) and the injury can be recent or more established. An assessment of the patient’s active movement, muscle tone, sensation, and control is done at the beginning, and realistic goals are set. The patient must be medically stable and able to participate in and communicate with the therapist during treatment. Multiple protocols are used in one session to achieve as many high-quality active repetitions of movement as possible. Exercise protocols can work on several different muscle groups in one session to produce a controlled movement such as grasping and releasing an object or lifting an object towards the body. Gains in a patient’s voluntary movements are retained and refined through repetition during therapy and using the arms and hands in daily tasks. MyndMove technology is efficient in the use of time and energy to produce high-quality movement with lasting carry over into daily function including self-care, recreation and return to work.

MyndMove™ therapy is the latest advance in neurorehabilitation treatment and may be covered by extended health care benefits.

About Abilities Rehabilitation & Counselling Services

Abilities Rehabilitation & Counselling Services is a multi-disciplinary that provides assessment and treatment for adults who have sustained mild to catastrophic impairment as a result of stroke or spinal cord injury, musculoskeletal injury, orthopaedic injury or chronic pain. Founded in 2000 by Susan Cook, Abilities Rehabilitation & Counselling Services comprises a team of 10 dedicated health-care professionals, including occupational therapists, recreational therapists, life care planners, social workers and psychologists.

About MyndTec

MyndTec Inc. (formerly Simple Systems Inc.) is a privately held medical technology company located in Mississauga, Ontario, that develops and commercializes innovative medical devices designed to improve function, maximize independence and enhance the quality of life. MyndTec was founded in 2008 as Simple Systems Inc., to the commercialize technology developed by Dr. Milos Popovic and his colleagues at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute and the Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering and the University of Toronto. For more information on MyndMove™ and authorized indications, please visit

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